Changing Places – The Deutz Harbour

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Date(s) - 01/07/2017
17:30 - 20:30



Changing Places – The Deutz Harbour

Abandoned cranes, shovels and grabs in the urban wilderness of grasses, lichens and butterfly trees, sporadically used railways, the Ellmühle with its distinctive architecture and the well-known Aurora logo, the monumental revolving bridge, the cathedral view, a scrap yard in the middle of the city .

A port basin, which is, apart from adjacent industrial plants, being visited by teenagers, paddlers, wild birds, draughtsmen and photographers, where informal photosessions take place and where the sun shines from morning to evening. This wild mixture of economic zones, brownfields and architectures characterizes the Deutz harbor today.

Within the framework of future urban development, the port area will be redesigned in the coming years and developed for residential and non-industrial purposes. Thus, the face and character of the place will change significantly – from rough and raw to smooth and glossy.

This workshop is a tribute to the Deutzer Hafen here and now.
To get started, there is an introduction, then we swarm out and approach the place with a few quick sketches. We note our observations and thoughts. Once everyone has found his place and his perspective, he devotes himself to his favorite motif with a longer drawing. In the end, the sum of all sketches of the participants results in a versatile report of this wild place.
Suggestion: If you bring a Leporello sketchbook, you can create all the sketches, notes, and the drawn out drawing in a whole.

10 years x 10 classes – Urban Sketchers 10th anniversary education program

In 2017 Urban Sketchers celebrates its 10 year anniversary. Therefore, we want to commemorate it by introducing the first year long USk program ever! We invite all sketchers around the world to attend 10 on-location classes with USk official instructors in a city near you. So, please join us and learn or improve the core value of Urban Sketching: sketch the world, one drawing at a time.

The program will take place in 10 classes covering three themes:

  1. little stories
  2. medium stories
  3. great stories


Ready to subscribe? You can register contacting the lead instructor of this program by email:

Additional information

For more information about the whole program head to Urban Sketchers program site.
Also, details regarding courses in Cologne & Dusseldorf can be found here.

Specific information about the location and/or exact hours to be provided later or during registration (for registration details, see above)


You can use this link to go to Google Maps for directions.

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