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Whether you are looking for something nearby or you want to plan your trip to the other side of the world, with link4ART you can find all kinds of art related events. Just choose your desired location, select (using advanced criteria) a date/time and you’ll surely find something interesting 🙂


CAN’T FIND what you were looking for?

Help me build this website that will help artists in promoting their activities and others to easily find art events anywhere around a world. If you know about an event that is not listed on this site, please add it here (preferably 🙂 ) or at least let me know using this form.

Let others find YOUR art events

Are you organizing an event? Used your mailing list, Facebook followers and other channels to reach your audience but would still like to spread the word further? Just add you event here – more and more users are using this website every single day.

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