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link4ART is still under development, but we’ll our best to make our lives easier while looking for interesting ART related events or creating your own and after that reaching a wider audience.

You are an important part of this site and I would like to kindly ask you to help anyway you can:

  • If you’re organising an event add it to link4ART using this form – this way anyone can find it whether they live just around the corner or on the other side of world (but plan a trip in your neighbourhood).
  • If you know about any ART events that you can’t find on link4ART let us know by using this form or event better, try adding them yourself here – this way more people like you can find it.
  • Use this form to report any issues you experience or if you have any suggestions about the site – I’ll do my best to react as quickly as possible to solve any problems that you and others might experience.
  • Write me an email to and say hi – introduce yourself, let me know what you up to and how did you find link4ART or just let me know weather you like the site. Any encouragement will be amazing to hear and convince me that it’s worth working on this project 🙂

I have lots of ideas for this site and would like to add more feature that could help you and other artists, as well as people who don’t create art, but want to (and should) experience it in various ways. So stay tuned!

Mateusz from link4ART